Microsoft SQL Server Community Projects & Samples

SQL Server 2008 product samples are available for each project below or you can download all the samples together (except AdventureWorks), or select from the menu below for specific projects. Download the AdventureWorks family of sample databases separately.

SQL Server 2005 product samples can still be downloaded and separately AdventureWorks for SQL Server 2005.

New Stuff
We've added some new cloud data project links and new Integration Services and Entity Framework links, too, as well as a fair number of new links to tools and utilities projects.

CodePlex is the project hosting site for Microsoft SQL Server Samples and Community Projects. Projects listed here are official Microsoft samples for SQL Server (released with Service Packs or major releases of SQL Server) and applications developed by MVPs, and the SQL Server community at large, including:
Unless noted otherwise, the download links are for the latest release of the project (typically SQL Server 2008); see the individual project sites (on the Releases tab) for prior version releases. Most projects have more than one file download for a given release; read carefully to be sure you choose the ones that you need.

Got questions? Helpful links to answers are below.

Microsoft Product Samples

Note: This is one monolithic set of all Microsoft SQL Server product samples (except for the sample databases, due to size constraints) and does NOT include any community projects.
ProjectProject SiteDownload
All Microsoft Product Samples in a BoxProject SiteDownload

Sample Databases

ProjectProject SiteDownload
Microsoft Sample DatabasesProject SiteDownload
VSTS DB Edition Sample DB ProjectsProject SiteDownload
Northwind Community EditionProject SiteNo Downloads Yet
SQL Server 2000 Sample DBsProject SiteDownload

End to End (multi-technology, complete, integrated)

ProjectProject SiteDownload
SQL Server 2008 SQL RSSProject SiteDownload
SQL Server 2008 Fault Retry ProviderProject SiteDownload
Microsoft End-to-End SamplesProject SiteDownload
Community End-to-End Samples Gallery (sponsored by DPE) Project SiteDownload

Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services

ProjectProject SiteDownload
Microsoft Samples (OLAP, Data Mining, Administration)Project SiteDownload
Community Analysis Services Samples GalleryProject SiteDownload
Analysis Services Stored ProceduresProject SiteDownload
MDX Script Performance AnalyzerProject SiteDownload
powerSSAS: A PowerShell provider for SQL Server Analysis ServicesProject SiteDownload

Microsoft SQL Server Database Engine

ProjectProject SiteDownload
Microsoft Database Engine Samples (CLR, Full Text, SMO) Project SiteDownload
Microsoft Data Programmability Samples (ADO.NET, OLEDB, ODBC) Project SiteDownload
SQL Server 2D Matrix BuilderProject SiteDownload
Microsoft Replication SamplesProject SiteDownload
Microsoft Service Broker SamplesProject SiteDownload
Community Service Broker SamplesProject SiteDownload
Microsoft Transact-SQL Sample ScriptsProject SiteDownload
Microsoft XML SamplesProject SiteDownload
Microsoft TechNet SQL Server Scripting CenterProject Site
Open DBDiffProject SiteDownload
ADO.NET Entity Framework ExtensionsProject SiteDownload
Perseus: Entity Framework EntityBagProject SiteDownload

Microsoft SQL Server Integration Services

ProjectProject SiteDownload
Microsoft Integration Services SamplesProject SiteDownload
Metadata Driven ETL Management Studio (MDDE) Project SiteDownload
ssisUnitProject SiteDownload
MapPoint Batch Geocoder for SSISProject SiteDownload
VulcanProject SiteNo Downloads Yet

Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services

ProjectProject SiteDownload
Microsoft Reporting Services SamplesProject SiteDownload

Microsoft Sync Framework

ProjectProject SiteDownload
Sync101 - Getting Started with Sync V1.0 CTP2Project SiteDownload
Contact Synchronization Sample - Outlook SyncProject SiteDownload
Sync Framework TutorialProject SiteDownload
Producing and Consuming FeedSync Feeds using SyncProject SiteDownload

Platform Tools & Utilities

ProjectProject SiteDownload
BIDS Helper for Visual Studio/SQL Server (2005 & 2008)Project SiteDownload
SQL Server 2005 Metadata ToolkitProject SiteDownload
DMV Stats performance data warehouse (for SQL Server 2005)Project SiteDownload
SQL Nexus performance analysis tool Project SiteDownload
SQL Server 2005 Service Manager Project SiteDownload
SQL Server Hosting Toolkit Project SiteDownload
SQL Web Data Administrator Project SiteDownload
SQL Web QueryProject SiteDownload
SQL Server 2005 Driver for PHP Download
MassDataHandler for Unit TestingProject SiteDownload
ScriptioProject SiteDownload
T-SQL Macro for Unit TestingProject Site
SQL Server 2005 FineBuildProject SiteDownload
OpenDBDiffProject SiteDownload
SQL Server Gadgets for VistaProject SiteDownload

SQL Server Data Services/Cloud Samples

ProjectProject SiteDownload
SQL Server Data Services Developer CenterProject Site
SSDS ExamplesProject SiteDownload

Forums & Answers

ProjectProject Site
SQL Examples by MVPs (answers from the forums)Project Site
SQL Server Katmai forumsProject Site
SQL Server forumsProject Site
SQL Server Community WorldwideProject Site

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